IMPOSSIBLE To Hit Baseball Pitch!

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0:00 Intro
0:45 How Fast Can We Pitch?
2:26 What Does 90mph Look Like?
5:03 Here's Our Idea
6:14 The Build Begins
14:49 The Test Begins
19:43 Custom Signed Baseballs
20:06 Outro

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    • i woulda had to have been a whole foot further away lol

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  • What he did having to take it apart several times is what I call pulling a me, because that happens to me every single time I try and build something. Actually, it happens to me whenever I actually put any sort of effort into almost anything.

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    Saksham SapkøtaSaksham Sapkøta10 dagar sedan
  • hey hacksmith why dont u combine both lightsaber and make it one? that will be super hot and be stable also! if u agree please like it

    Saksham SapkøtaSaksham Sapkøta10 dagar sedan
  • hey hacksmith why dont u combine both lightsaber and make it one? that will be super hot and be stable also! if u agree please like it

    Saksham SapkøtaSaksham Sapkøta10 dagar sedan
  • hey hacksmith why dont u combine both lightsaber and make it one? that will be super hot and be stable also! if u agree please like it

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