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0:00 This Episode
0:16 Something we've never done
1:30 Upgrades
3:02 Let's build it!
5:39 Wheels and Pulleys
6:32 Board Assembly
8:48 Microcenter
9:24 Pimp my board
11:04 Beauty Shots
11:44 Time to try it out!
13:20 A gift for James
16:56 Test?
17:46 Thanks for watching

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  • i want one…

    willwill3 timmar sedan
  • Those motors really $900 each???!! Wow

    BrandonBrandon5 timmar sedan
  • I think its rc car

    kerwyn dellosakerwyn dellosa7 timmar sedan
  • Who makes the long board?

    David GramlinDavid Gramlin8 timmar sedan
  • Verry cool ? But seriously not enough information bit let down ...people want know cost ,speed ,talk ,milage at speed ,suspenshion and crazy dude maxing it out ...now you got full video .

    Mark HancherMark Hancher12 timmar sedan
  • "Two pulleys, one motor" 😂👌

    knowzbleed88knowzbleed8814 timmar sedan
  • So here is the big question, did you put breaks on it? since if you give it to him and he takes the limiter off he is screwed.

    Stallord8Stallord818 timmar sedan
  • She's soo sexy😍😍😍

    kings of epicnesskings of epicnessDag sedan
  • Do you have extra to sell

    Isaac OkoeIsaac Okoe2 dagar sedan
  • How much to buy one

    Dale JarvisDale Jarvis3 dagar sedan
  • sweet

    Roman MccoyRoman Mccoy4 dagar sedan
  • I wish l was creative too

    ADRIANADRIAN4 dagar sedan
  • If they were selling this I would buy it almost instantly:) I'm serious

    tre taylortre taylor5 dagar sedan
  • К даному электро скейту, нужен экзоскелет.

    И так СойдетИ так Сойдет5 dagar sedan
  • Do a Hoverboard vs Cybertruck!!!

    Shirish Kr.Shirish Kr.5 dagar sedan
  • tesla wants this chinese guy....

    Kiki GunawanKiki Gunawan5 dagar sedan
  • why not make this as a go kart lol

    Kenneth KwanKenneth Kwan5 dagar sedan
  • Idea for elon musk????

    Son GokuSon Goku6 dagar sedan
  • That Tormach machine is seriously epic.

    Joshua DeLaughterJoshua DeLaughter6 dagar sedan
  • What a superhero drives when they have invulnerability.

    tecknodragontecknodragon6 dagar sedan
  • With that battery and those motors you might get a whole 2 miles!

    Kasey GillespieKasey Gillespie7 dagar sedan
  • Another thing you may want to work on is to upgrade the suspension because fat tire's are not going to help steer and tire's were not meant to be used as suspension no, tire's are meant for power and steering.

    Kirk EngnathKirk Engnath7 dagar sedan
  • did he say its not at last or am i dum

    PengoPengo7 dagar sedan
  • I want to see this board with sand paddles on it and see you attempt to climb a dune. I bet this board would look amazing in the sand with paddles with a human standing on top riding it to its full sand potential. 🤘

    Matthew PerryMatthew Perry8 dagar sedan
  • Jeff sounds like someone on the dream smp

    ShadowShadow9 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the James Bond car?

    Salvador Nunes RodriguesSalvador Nunes Rodrigues9 dagar sedan
  • Anticlimactic

    LÆVISLÆVIS10 dagar sedan
  • I think the stock version would be to much powerful for me

    Miodrag ZivkovicMiodrag Zivkovic10 dagar sedan
  • GODBLESS you all👍🙏

  • Or just lead heat pipes from the ESC to where you can mount a Cooling fan, or just water cool the fucker

    My lifeMy life11 dagar sedan
  • Test it on a speed bump!

    HexosonHexoson11 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see it pull the cybertruck

    FatGuyFromMarsFatGuyFromMars12 dagar sedan
  • get on it

    Nick ZNick Z14 dagar sedan
  • Make a front handle grip and go into a crouch position for fast launches. Use that power baby 🚀

    Andrew ThompsonAndrew Thompson16 dagar sedan
  • What is the torque?

    SavannahSavannah17 dagar sedan
  • Aditya, love your work ❤️

    car tooncar toon17 dagar sedan
  • Also how do you get to 60hp as 20kwh is about 25hp

    Dave RobinsDave Robins19 dagar sedan
  • How did you do drive train....like drive 2 wheels with the one motor ???

    Dave RobinsDave Robins19 dagar sedan
  • What's the top speed?? Maybe test it on speedometer, like the ones cops use to test if kids' mopeds are turned.

    Tai TrunklTai Trunkl20 dagar sedan
  • Should I be concerned that this skateboard has the power of an average Toyota Corolla

    thomas kuhnthomas kuhn21 dag sedan
  • I like this guy

    Watervalletje04Watervalletje0421 dag sedan
  • Idea to pay for: make the front wheels able to turn and then make it easily modified to put an external seat and a wheel to use it in the full power

    ICARUSICARUS21 dag sedan
  • How much it cost you

    david manidavid mani22 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn't even want to ride this deathtrap. My dirt bike has 60hp and will power wheelie in any gear, so I can't even imagine a skateboard with that much power.

    James DeckerJames Decker22 dagar sedan
  • "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."-Dr. Ian Malcolm

    Soundwave SuperiorSoundwave Superior23 dagar sedan
  • Except that ain't a skateboard, but rather a LONGBOARD! Goddam normies

    silencesilence23 dagar sedan
  • After all that work, it's finally worth a grand.

    Jared RevieaJared Reviea24 dagar sedan
  • My first thoughts "meh it's still not very fast" 20 seconds later learning that it's only at 20% power output 😳

    GraysFrameGraysFrame24 dagar sedan
  • Make it a product so I can buy one... Please? $$$$

    Jager PowellJager Powell25 dagar sedan
  • Why not to build a hubless e-bike having latest features

    Phani Charan reddyPhani Charan reddy25 dagar sedan
  • it needs a flipup seat when you get tiered of standing or a pole to lean/hang on to, where motorcyclesuit inc, full face helmet maybe?

    Niels WensNiels Wens25 dagar sedan
  • Can we buy a board

    dj meechdj meech26 dagar sedan
  • I wish these guys would collaborate with Corridor on something.

    AltrunchenAltrunchen26 dagar sedan
  • i need this

    Gamer electroGamer electro27 dagar sedan
  • °dfghhhb°

    Nadif ANadif A27 dagar sedan
  • Ok hear me out self kicking 60hp skateboard 🥲

    Sammy boi Boi boiSammy boi Boi boi27 dagar sedan
  • Whatever you pay him, it's not enough

    Brad PfeifferBrad Pfeiffer27 dagar sedan
  • more like a mountainboard jusss sayin supersayan

    Josh AbreyJosh Abrey27 dagar sedan
  • One of my neighbors have a DIY motor skateboard that has got straps to hook on to your shoes and it can go up to 85 MPH and I, (14 yo) went down hill and didn’t fall off 😂😂

    Adam SiriusAdam Sirius27 dagar sedan
  • im slightly confused. he limited the potential power to 10kw basically making it equal to what it was before. so what exactly was gained by adding these motors?

    SerenitySerenity27 dagar sedan
  • There's a lot of incorrect information going on in this video. If we look at those controllers they are rated at 63V, at 250A. Most of these boards are 12S This could be as high as a 14S. (58.8V at peak charge) But if we just assume "magic" and pretend it's battery is at 60V We can figure the power output that two of those controllers would produce. 60*250=15,000W Multiply that by 2... and you get 30kW... WAY below the "supposed" 44kW. Chances are the batteries in that pack will also struggle to get 250 amps. Assuming that's 15S (15 batteries in series, which is the max that controller is rated for) if each battery was a VERY high end cell, with 15amp max draw, That would indicate the need for 17 or 18 sets of 15 batteries. so 15*18 = 270 cells. These boards, also only usually have around 50 cells... so, I'm not really sure how you could get that kind of power outta those batteries. I've been doing the deep dive into this subject. (electric kick scooters specifically) But, in a perfect world, my best estimate is 30kW. And more realistically it would be closer to 15kW... 1/3rd of what this video claims. I have to give this a thumbs down, despite my interest in the field, and the subject. But just because you have a car with a 500cubic inch engine, does NOT make it a Funny car.

    Sean HattonSean Hatton28 dagar sedan
    • Actually, I just noticed that it DOES have burst discharge of 450A. which would allow the full 360A "burst" on the controller as well. 15,984W per motor. If we charge the battery to 4.2V That gives us 50.4 * 360 = 18,144 No matter how I figure this math, it really don't come near 44,000W. The absolute best I can "pretend figure" is 36,000W. And I say "pretend figure" just because that number is pushing every part to 100%, with 100% efficiency. So even with the battery voltage charged to it's limit, and pushing 360amps, the "max" that controller is rated at for burst, we are still almost 10kW short with both motors combined.

      Sean HattonSean Hatton28 dagar sedan
    • I would like to correct myself. I missed the battery install apparently. The battery that is being attached is a 12S, 22.2V (with 2 in series for each motor, giving 44.4v, per motor) with a discharge capability of 225A We can figure the ACTUAL power output by the limit of the batteries. 225*44.4 = 9,990W per motor. This gives 18,880W, for the full board... This is 3120watts LESS than EACH motor is claimed to be running at. This is also "peak" output, based on the batteries. This output will VERY quickly drop. As the batteries can only sustain that output for around 80 seconds. Before zeroing out the batteries. I apologize for doing my figures wrong, as I assumed it was using the stock battery. Honestly, even using those rapid discharge batteries, it's still right in the ballpark of where I predicted it to be spitballing when I was guessing what battery was in the board.

      Sean HattonSean Hatton28 dagar sedan
  • Hey kid, you did a great job! Good luck out there.

    William DayWilliam Day28 dagar sedan
  • That was massively underwhelming

    Wayne WelshansWayne Welshans28 dagar sedan
  • Smh basically RC Car parts whipped together into a electric skateboard

    Robert SeecharranRobert Seecharran28 dagar sedan
  • don't love the host

    Tom PraytorTom Praytor29 dagar sedan
  • I'm calling shianigins on the 60hp. My dirt bike is 50hp and tears up 520 series chain. 60 hp would instantly shred that drivetrain.

    m pm pMånad sedan
  • is not a skateboard !

    Moi PimMoi PimMånad sedan
  • Please I want!

    Joshua BurgessJoshua BurgessMånad sedan
  • Lol look like an xmaxx

    Antonio & Lailanie EufracioAntonio & Lailanie EufracioMånad sedan
  • nice to see a dutchee on the team

    the ricksterbot2002the ricksterbot2002Månad sedan
  • Miles morales suit pls make

    hamsterWITHtheGLASSEShamsterWITHtheGLASSESMånad sedan
  • America on a board

    Yeah BoyzYeah BoyzMånad sedan
  • But you really don’t need more than 6,000 watts on a skateboard... I mean having more power isn’t “more fun” like you might think it is.

    Zac VaughnZac VaughnMånad sedan
  • I want one so bad!!!!!

    iShowUFOiShowUFOMånad sedan
  • I wanted it until you RGBed it to death.

    Non-Binary JesusNon-Binary JesusMånad sedan
  • What would the top speed of this thing be estimated at?

    JoshuaJoshuaMånad sedan
  • Pleaaaaaase mount some go kart wheels on it ! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Sick project as always ;)

    Octave CHANYOctave CHANYMånad sedan
  • Dude the commentary is straight outta Disney channel.

    ZEDS-FPVZEDS-FPVMånad sedan
  • I love the fact that it is more powerful than a fiat Panda

    Vladimir Lenin ✓Vladimir Lenin ✓Månad sedan
  • 13:18 really? He carries a heavy but motorized board back home instead of driving??????? 🤨🤔🤣

    Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYouMelodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYouMånad sedan
  • lupit💪🛹

    Ian CuturaIan CuturaMånad sedan
  • Curious if having the two motors on the same side induces some imbalance to the board when riding, or were they specifically placed opposite to the heal side where most of the riders weight would be?? also could not help but wonder if there is a fail safe if the remote was to loose connection or get separated from the rider?

    Russia PowerRussia PowerMånad sedan
  • you are not drawing 40kw out of that tiny battery :D not even 20. not even 10 :D

    NxrthNxrthMånad sedan
    • You underestimate those batteries. Our lightsaber drew 20kW out of a similar pack

      Hacksmith IndustriesHacksmith IndustriesMånad sedan
  • You guys make it look so easy.

    Black WaterBlack WaterMånad sedan
  • I am horrified by the fact it's wireless

    Evan YoohooEvan YoohooMånad sedan
  • Man, watching this sort of stuff is so cool and amazing! Too bad I'm too scared to even drive a f ing car🤦🏽‍♂️😅

    AW80AW80Månad sedan
  • Me watching this knowing my car also has 44kw🥲

    Georg JankoGeorg JankoMånad sedan
  • I love Micro Center, I’m technologically incompetent, but till shop there.

    An NAn NMånad sedan
  • No differential?

    eteritoeteritoMånad sedan
  • i Would Convert it into a BARFLY BARSTOOL RACER - Go Cart Wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joni EnglishJoni EnglishMånad sedan
  • Looks like an Autobot

  • Find somebody with the balls to ride that thing at full tilt

    Anthony FennellAnthony FennellMånad sedan
  • Can you make electric inline skates overpowered like these?

    Taha Bin AsadTaha Bin AsadMånad sedan
  • he eliminated the torque vectoring of this machine , this more a drift oriented gadget now which is absolutely wrong for the application and causes instability

    Zeko AqelZeko AqelMånad sedan
  • GET SOMEONE WHO'S GOT THE SKILLS TO RIDE IT! And the balls, can't believe you guys didn't put it through its paces🤨 This kids a natural👍 He will be an amazing addition with a few episodes under his belt. James you looked a bit inebriated in the broken hand bit.🤤 👊🇦🇺

    DanboiDanboiMånad sedan
  • I've been waiting for someone to create this for the longest time. But really, I'd want the rollerblades from Alita lol. Oh, and I'm also a martial artist so the wheels need to be retractable so when I kick someone across the face it won't leave any incriminating tire marks 😎

    JaybayJayJaybayJayMånad sedan
  • The leds on the underside would be cooler

    720p Pixel720p PixelMånad sedan
  • Why did you put both motors on one side, the weight distribution is not so good

    720p Pixel720p PixelMånad sedan
  • This thing has more power than a 400cc sport bike.

    Huan DinhHuan DinhMånad sedan
    • and performs much worse in speed and torque. Hp and watts are bullshit stats for measuring electric board performance in relation to other conventional conbustion vehicles

      Lang ChengLang ChengMånad sedan
  • I’d love to see RGB rings inside of the rims

    TRU12TRU12Månad sedan