how i broke my hand...

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0:00 Intro
0:58 How It All Happened
4:34 Driving Myself To The Hospital
6:05 I Have A Story For You
7:29 Interview With The Surgeon
14:39 The Hacksmith is leaving


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    Hacksmith IndustriesHacksmith IndustriesMånad sedan
    • You are why I worry about my children, who are also stupid clever. Sigh

      Victoria EadsVictoria Eads6 timmar sedan
    • Sorry about your hand James. The baseball videos was great and so was this one but wasn't worth injuring yourself like that so sorry about that but still they were both great videos, so for your troubles and for the great hq content i give u thumbs up to both and a thank you. goodluck with the hand and get well soon man. Also sorry this is late i only just saw this im not on yt as much anymore.

      Incoming BadassIncoming Badass2 dagar sedan
    • I kid you not my surgeon better

      GreekVibesGreekVibes12 dagar sedan
    • @A persun that has a ridiculously long profile name why is it so long

      It’s Bunty BroIt’s Bunty Bro20 dagar sedan
    • Oh I didn't know

      SpartanMandaloreSpartanMandalore26 dagar sedan
  • 6:20 is pretty much “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy”

    TonsterTonster2 timmar sedan
  • Funny, I broke my hand this week too. I broke both my left hand Radius and Ulna. While the bones were completely unlined, the doctor just casually placed them back in a minute. That hurt like hell.

    QuitalisQuitalis15 timmar sedan
  • We’re going on a trip on our favorite Honda Civic taking James to the hospital

    Cole KrabelCole Krabel21 timme sedan
  • If one day he loses his hand they can collab on replacing it with a laser shark

    Oswald HomolkaOswald Homolka21 timme sedan
  • that's is what you call a real man he drove to hospital no panicking just one handed and the way he said oh there is a taco bell there and at least we got it in slowmo like wtf and also hope you get well soon James

    Ahmed NabilAhmed NabilDag sedan
  • I did that same exact thing, took out half of my season and hurt like a female dog, (Not nearly as bad as yours though)

    Wy 99Wy 99Dag sedan
  • 12:46 😂why did the plant fall INE the window closest to james

    Trent nguyenTrent nguyenDag sedan
  • My main question is how did he break his hand from a normal life thing and not a Hacksmith thing? The guy practically lives in a place where everything can kill you if you swing it too little or too hard.

    Golden GolemGolden GolemDag sedan
  • We are all waiting for the moment you come back!

    Wenda Oscar JulienWenda Oscar JulienDag sedan
  • Just like tony stark has a metal in his chest

    The NeonThe NeonDag sedan
  • Press F to pay respects......

    TheHypeGuy 3TheHypeGuy 3Dag sedan
  • Hy!!

    joshua Thompsonjoshua Thompson2 dagar sedan
    • Hi

      joshua Thompsonjoshua Thompson2 dagar sedan
  • That wound isnt that disgutibg cause its clean

    ghostly earth 2019ghostly earth 20192 dagar sedan
  • Modern medicine is honestly incredible. The amount of stuff we can fix through surgery is amazing.

    Roadkill PotatoRoadkill Potato2 dagar sedan
  • I hope you get better James

    Lucas CampanelliLucas Campanelli2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone:omg that thumbnail is scary Me:hmm I think I can do that hand gesture (trying to do the hand gesture and after doing it thinking this would be a funny comment)

    KingKing2 dagar sedan
  • He I think you should not do crazy things like in 5 months

    Daniel PedramDaniel Pedram2 dagar sedan
  • What's fixaishon

    behind the scenes SME ETWbehind the scenes SME ETW3 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact I had a cast on the same arm for my wrist 4 times

    Killbox 1000Killbox 10003 dagar sedan
  • Can you please grow a beard

    AlexaPlays GuitarAlexaPlays Guitar3 dagar sedan
  • I think I have grown a irrational fear of baseball, because I fear surgery. And I like baseball, one of the sports I do like.

    Abyss ParadoxAbyss Paradox3 dagar sedan

    King wai ChanKing wai Chan3 dagar sedan

      King wai ChanKing wai Chan3 dagar sedan
  • James: this isn't soo bad *Instant regret*

    spiderromspiderrom3 dagar sedan
  • I Hope you get better

    BiGeStDoUbLeChInBiGeStDoUbLeChIn3 dagar sedan
  • Was anyone else stressed the whole time not knowing when he was gonna break his hand

    Jerry SoofJerry Soof3 dagar sedan
  • Pls cut your hair

    standiteverythingstanditeverything3 dagar sedan
  • I actually had to get metal in my wrist, almost died from a onewheel last week, it malfunctioned and I'm really upset :'(. I didn't lose balance or anything it shut off while I was riding it and apparently that's a big problem with them.

    BoltGoesProBoltGoesPro3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, st Mary's is like the most weirdly placed hospital I've ever seen. Your options are either middle of the road, or middle of downtown with 28 traffic lights lol

    DylanDylan4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine him punching you 😳💀💀

    mario cmario c4 dagar sedan
  • Ouch

    Abubakr OsmanAbubakr Osman4 dagar sedan
  • Ouch

    Abubakr OsmanAbubakr Osman4 dagar sedan
  • Hello there.

    blackishblackish4 dagar sedan
  • Man's built different

    manhon shammanhon sham4 dagar sedan
  • This is what happens when Canadians try the true American past time.

    Christopher DomanChristopher Doman4 dagar sedan
  • You literally went to my hometown for surgery.

    OrangeRubyYTOrangeRubyYT5 dagar sedan
  • he was far too talkative to have a broken hand 😂 i’ve broken many and was just heavy breathing and bracing the area for hours

    Christian SchipmaChristian Schipma5 dagar sedan
  • bruh pooor u

    Kid vn KaitoKid vn Kaito5 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon James.

    Basil BennyBasil Benny6 dagar sedan
  • A SEcrone took a swing at a 90 mph fast ball, this is what happened to his hand.

    puellanivispuellanivis6 dagar sedan
  • I feel your pain brah. Sitting here with two pins through my finger too, for three weeks. Brutal breakage.

    FalloutbuilderFalloutbuilder7 dagar sedan
  • this tells us that he has to observe so 6-7 projects at one time. keep it up!!

    Music - Dil Se - by DhairyaMusic - Dil Se - by Dhairya7 dagar sedan
    • it is actually a lot

      Music - Dil Se - by DhairyaMusic - Dil Se - by Dhairya7 dagar sedan
  • 3:46, How He Actually Broke His Hand...

    AliAli7 dagar sedan
  • "This is the first time i had to go to the hospital" with the stuff you do i don't beleive you

    ForarmForarm7 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or he looks like jesus

    NINJA beastNINJA beast8 dagar sedan
  • He swing his hand into the ball 😭😂hope you feel better tho 🙏

    Sway-ツSway-ツ8 dagar sedan
  • I’m wondering how many internal injuries he has without knowing it.

    CarlosCarlos8 dagar sedan
  • 6:38 It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen 😮🤩

    _ENDO AK__ENDO AK_8 dagar sedan
  • Thats gotta real hurt bad. Enough to make a Canadian cuss.

    Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson8 dagar sedan
  • Poor he's mom!

    Krkm stylieKrkm stylie8 dagar sedan
  • Poor u

    George GodfreyGeorge Godfrey9 dagar sedan
  • Potted tree falls in the reflection 12:45

    Harrison MartinsonHarrison Martinson9 dagar sedan
  • Aslong as the pitcher said "Sorry"💯😂 for throwing the ball alil tight and inside!! Tryna be cool for the camera!💯😂😂🙌 Shoulda let me pitch for ya guyz!! Lol

    Matt HueyMatt Huey9 dagar sedan
  • I broke my arm on a dirt bike

    chance evanschance evans9 dagar sedan

    WhoWillSeeThisWhoWillSeeThis10 dagar sedan
  • Not iron man but ironhand.

    ik ikeik ike10 dagar sedan
  • I wanna be a glorified carpenter!

    teflin rouge skill monkeyteflin rouge skill monkey11 dagar sedan
  • Be advised your teammate has broken they're hand

    AnraEwyn PlaysAnraEwyn Plays11 dagar sedan
  • This guy is badass

    Egiteguh YPEgiteguh YP11 dagar sedan
  • I once broke my right hand and feet. That's really hurt

    Egiteguh YPEgiteguh YP11 dagar sedan
  • So basically they fixed the hand with some iron flat stock and a bunch of self tappers 👌

    John WickJohn Wick11 dagar sedan
  • Hey hack smith. Do u have any thing about want to end it all Bc I been having family problems and I kinda can’t handle it I say just end it be I keep it up and running we have not that much money right now and it hard

    LUCAS plays YTLUCAS plays YT11 dagar sedan
  • Him: double tap to skip the scene Me: stop the scene like a chad

    Vincent Manuel BelimacVincent Manuel Belimac11 dagar sedan
  • I got hit in the face with a soft ball onece it wasn't soft

    UnsomniacUnsomniac12 dagar sedan
  • 0:36 i repeat may times.

    djoko Lockodjoko Locko12 dagar sedan
  • One day when I was in second grade, I had baseball practice. When I went up to bat to practice I hit the ball with my left thumb directly on my fingernail. IT HURT LIKE HELL, did not go to the hospital but my fingernail was bleeding bad, few weeks later the entire fingernail came off, but surprisingly it didn't hurt. It has since regrown and I have no problems with my thumb today.

    WhiteTiger822WhiteTiger82212 dagar sedan
  • 😱🤯

    Edward LittletonEdward Littleton12 dagar sedan
  • I know how that feels.

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus12 dagar sedan
  • I respect dude 《:(

    Dhanmark DaguroDhanmark Daguro13 dagar sedan
  • 7:10 ooo blood

    Alghifar 1954Alghifar 195413 dagar sedan
  • When will the hacksmith come back???

    Jared CarreonJared Carreon13 dagar sedan
  • James is starting to look more like the JackedSmith

    AphelionAphelion13 dagar sedan
  • That was so hard to watch!

    John-Peter MurleyJohn-Peter Murley13 dagar sedan
  • fun fact. my dad got hit in the head by a fast ball. he is now bald

    HunkuschunkusHunkuschunkus13 dagar sedan
  • I am watching this while my hand is broken

    omario omarioomario omario13 dagar sedan
  • kinda feel bad for the guy who threw the ball

    Ks2750Ks275013 dagar sedan
  • Wolfies dad

    Preston MPreston M14 dagar sedan
  • 7:11 so satisfying 😌

    1v1 me i dare you1v1 me i dare you14 dagar sedan
  • If you would be a youtuber that upload for kids like elmo potion i wouldn't really care But you're Hacksmith whos gonna make a flying Burj Khalifa mk 2?

    WassarWassar15 dagar sedan
  • And I broke my arm so yeah I can feel your pain

    JackrailfanJackrailfan15 dagar sedan
    • 30! Mine was 20 I didn’t have surgery eh I’m lucky ☺️ get well

      JackrailfanJackrailfan15 dagar sedan
  • Ouch! I know what it feels like. I broke the same bone, but I didn’t get surgery. The doctor just sort of pushed the bone into place and kept my hand in that same position by putting a cast on. I had the cast for 7 weeks.

    steven murphysteven murphy16 dagar sedan
  • Thanks to Mr. Surgeon!!!

    NiclasNiclas16 dagar sedan
  • drink milk bro

    Leon BargielLeon Bargiel16 dagar sedan
  • That shit was brutal.

    USBENUSBEN17 dagar sedan
  • yep that was cool

    ZFD FilmsZFD Films17 dagar sedan
  • I just find your channel from Linus I was interested and when I come to look it up I find that you have a broken hand. I broke my leg last week and just got a surgery last Friday and I can agree it is completely surreal. the anesthesia burns and then knocks you out just funny that I find this channel so soon after my surgery.

    Unintelligent gamerUnintelligent gamer18 dagar sedan
  • 00:12:46 the plant fell off. Am I the only one to notice it?

    عبد الرحمنعبد الرحمن18 dagar sedan
  • He becoming iron man slowly

    francisco lopezfrancisco lopez18 dagar sedan
  • That surgeon is amazing! He needs to start a SEcrone channel just showing xrays and how he fixes broken bones.

    justin bakerjustin baker18 dagar sedan
    • but... he has a youtube channel didn't you watch?

      Hacksmith IndustriesHacksmith Industries18 dagar sedan
  • Heres me watcing it at 1080p and i regret my desision...

    Gamer2020Gamer202019 dagar sedan
  • Oh, I was shocked when I saw that photo taken during the operation, I think I will not be able to sleep at night

    creekcreek19 dagar sedan
    • I thought I was good, but I was still scared

      creekcreek19 dagar sedan
  • hi

    Reef ZillaReef Zilla19 dagar sedan
    • Im surprised that you haven't lost one yet

      asioe kiouasioe kiou19 dagar sedan
  • I feel sooooo bad when you hurt your self

    Troop GhostedTroop Ghosted19 dagar sedan
  • 😨😨🤦🙅

    Efren3579 know Minecraft okayEfren3579 know Minecraft okay19 dagar sedan
  • Get well soon

    Karun BinnyKarun Binny20 dagar sedan
  • I remember seeing the video where you broke your hand. That looks like it hurt a lot. One of my favorite MLB players, Trea Turner, has broken his hand twice in his career. He's gone on to be a great player so far! He was back to playing in about a month or so the second time and helped his team, The Washington Nationals, to a World Series Championship at the end of that season hitting with just 9 fingers! He was selected to his first All-Star Game this season. All of this is to say I hope you heal up just as well and very quickly! Good luck, man!!

    Eric ScottEric Scott20 dagar sedan
  • Yo week ago when this video came out was when I broke my arm

    Magna 3DMagna 3D20 dagar sedan
  • As I guy who played baseball, I could give so many pointers because some of those swings triggered me. That being said, I’m terrible at bat and y’all we’re having fun so that’s what matters

    Black RoseBlack Rose20 dagar sedan
  • this man does crazy ass shit but he breaks his hand playing baseball. it was very funny man

    Kaan KKaan K20 dagar sedan
  • i had that exact break 2 years ago takes like 8+ months to heal some even a year

    FAoS NaiveFAoS Naive20 dagar sedan